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However, not long into the race, the Horse came across a pond and caught a glimpse of herself. Her own reflection caused her to become distracted, and while she was admiring herself, the other animals streaked by. It was only when she noticed the stamping of feet and hooves had long disappeared that she remembered the race! Quickly, she galloped towards the finishing line, but on the way was startled by a Snake that sprang out from the grass, taking advantage of her temporary shock to beat her to the finishing line.

She quickly composed herself again and finally made it to the end of the line, coming in seventh. The true free-spirit of the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse is not one to conform to rules and regulations.

Money and career

The Chinese Zodiac Horse can certainly never be accused of being dull. This is an artistic sign that goes wherever the wind takes them.

Chinese Astrology: Earth Horse

They are among the most happy-go-lucky of the signs and highly popular because of their free, fun-loving nature. Family and friends close to the beloved Horse will understand these dynamics and often sigh or shake their head; strangers and new acquaintances may be shocked to the point of retreating, sometimes permanently.

The Horse of the Chinese Zodiac may be cheerful, passionate and filled with joy and laughter one minute, and rash and hot-headed the next, liable to losing their temper at the drop of a hat or suddenly withdrawing in sullen silence. They can be extremely stubborn, and though usually quick to anger, their rage dies just as quickly as it flared up and they are back to smiling and joking again.

Such outbursts, however, while swiftly forgotten by the interchangeable Horse, can turn fans and followers into enemies in a very short amount of time, and it can be very hard for the Horse to win back favor from them again. Though the Horse will often have the best intentions, they are not the most diplomatic of individuals.

No other Chinese Zodiac sign rivals the Horse when it comes to the pursuit of happiness, and this is what people close to them love and admire about them so much. The Horse has little to no restrictions; they do not let petty or minor rules hold them back. They are free spirits and adventurous souls who believe life is for living — the Horse is the one who makes a bucket list and actually ticks off each and every single thing on it. Intelligent, dynamic and unafraid to express their opinions, Horses attract the admiration of many individuals who view their courageous and expressive take on life as an inspiration.

Horses tend to love the outdoors and are usually very athletic, at least in the earlier parts of life. The Horse is not just highly agile in the physical sense, but also the mental; Horses have an acute, aware and keen sense of thinking that makes them very adaptable and able to deal with most situations without losing their heads.

The Chinese Zodiac Horse is a Yang sign, highlighting their external, active perceptions of the world. This is not to say that Horses are not inward-focused many of them very much are! This is often done through some artistic measure, such as painting, drawing, writing or sculpting. Expecting a Horse to bottle up their feelings is like asking the moon to stop orbiting the Earth — the Horse must express themselves and damn the consequences!

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Horses tend to have remarkable gifts of intuition — more often than not, they are right! Their uncanny insight gets them further in life than well-applied logic or reason, and this is one reason why others may view them as flighty. The Horse may not be the most reliable or materialistically secure of individuals — but they are certainly some of the most exciting! Having a Horse in your life is guaranteed to set off some fireworks! Of all the Chinese Zodiac signs, the Horse is the one known for being the most fickle.

This is not, of course, with any intent to hurt anyone or cause a trail of broken hearts in their wake. This is not to say Horses cannot be faithful, because they certainly can — but the Horse needs passion, intrigue and zest. But in truth, they are often more cunning than intelligent - and they surely know that. They adore being in the center of everyone's attention, but more they like to be recognized for their skills and are easily flattered.

On the other hand, these people have an honest and genuine warmth which attracts lots of people and helps them make new friends. This is not something that arises out of malice or revenge - sometimes they just cannot help themselves. But it is also important to remember that there is a danger for a horse person to be too impulsive and it may cause some problems in the future. And if they do not see the result of their efforts, it is rather natural for them to turn their attention to a new project and head off once again, brimming with new ideas.

Generally, people who were born the year of the horse have many contradictions in their character. Horse type people are proud yet sweet-natured, arrogant yet oddly modest in their approach to love, envious but tolerant, conceited yet humble. They want to belong, yet they are burdened by their need for independence. They need love and crave intimacy yet often feel cornered, pressured.

So famous is the fickleness of this sign that the Chinese, for example, believe that women born in the Year of the Horse will not make good wives. If your beloved was born in the year of the horse, your relationships are not likely to be boring - there will be impetuous moments but there will also be exhilarating and intimate times. It is not too difficult to charm horse people by tenderness and affection.

Horse Career Usually, people born in this year make unconventional and very active business partners. Should they identify a goal, they channel all their energies and use their productive imagination to achieve it. But they should keep in mind that not everyone agrees with their methods. Horse person will usually try to resolve any problems rather than simply avoid them.

Chinese Zodiac Horse

They could usually enjoy a free and simple life. March: The Horses born in March are quite spunky and usually could achieve things before anyone else. Besides, they are usually praised by neighbors and receive great respect from others. July: Tender, gentle and full of vigor, the Horses born during July can usually get benefactor assistance during their life. Everything falls into their lap. They have less worry and could live a peacefully and happily. August: For those Horses born in August, they are endowed with civil and martial virtues.

Their technical ability is exceptional.

Chinese Zodiac Horse 12222 | Year Summary

Also, they are quick witted and bold to get success in career. Popular Topics Chinese Horoscope. Hand Lines Head Line. Marriage Line. Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui.

Horse Horoscope & Feng Shui Predictions

Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Home Chinese Zodiac Horse. Chinese Zodiac - Horse. Lucky Things Lucky Flowers: calla lily, jasmine, marigold.

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Lucky Directions: northeast, southwest and northwest. Unlucky Things Unlucky Numbers: 1, 5, 6. Weekly Monthly You mainly enjoy a good fortune this week. There is a chance for you to show your talents in work, but you should also polish your eyes.

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It is estimated that there will be some unexpected difficulties and you need to be fully prepared.

years of the horse chinese astrology Years of the horse chinese astrology
years of the horse chinese astrology Years of the horse chinese astrology
years of the horse chinese astrology Years of the horse chinese astrology
years of the horse chinese astrology Years of the horse chinese astrology
years of the horse chinese astrology Years of the horse chinese astrology

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