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The Original Teachings of Yoga: From Patanjali Back to Hiranyagarbha

Your company is very customer friendly and reliable Read more He had conquered anger and desire. He was a great saint who humbled insolent men. As a preceptor he imparted knowledge and became a guide to thousands of aspirants. He had in his possession the divine cow Kamadhenu, and Nandini her child, who could grant anything to their owners. Arundhati is the name of the wife of Vashista.

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The following article deals with these issues. Sanatana eternal or universal Dharma is the great tradition behind such multifarious teachings as Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish Vedic Astrology , Samkhya, and Vedanta and much of Tantra as well. These disciplines are rooted in Vedic lineages and transmissions going back to their very origins.

They constitute a comprehensive spiritual, sacred or yogic science dealing with all aspects of life, culture, and religion.

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Hinduism rests upon the Vedas or mantras of the ancient Rishis, which are a diverse set of teachings about universal consciousness and cosmic creation. Vedic mantras reflect the very processes through which all the universes are created, by which they are sustained, and through which they are dissolved, by which individual souls come into the cycle of rebirth and through which they evolve into Self-realization.

The Vedas have no one God, savior or scripture but reveal a unitary reality of Being-Consciousness-Bliss Sacchidananda Brahman that pervades everything and rests in all creatures as their true Self Atman or Purusha , which can be approached by numerous paths and practices. Yoga in general refers to the spiritual practices of asana, pranayama, puja, mantra and meditation which are the main vehicles for realizing Vedic wisdom.

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  5. Yoga and its many Sanskrit synonyms is a common term in all Hindu teachings of the Vedas, Puranas and Tantras. Yoga as a specific term refers to the Yoga Darshana, one of the six systems of Vedic Astika philosophy, those that reflect and develop out of the insights of the Vedas.

    Dialogue between Prince Rama & Sage Vasishta

    Other ancient yogic traditions go back to such Vedic sages as Vasishta, Shyavashwa, Yajnavalkya, Shwetasvatara, Jagishavya, Asita and Devala Kashyapa, and the great avatar Krishna whose Bhagavad Gita is itself considered to be a Yoga Shastra or authoritative yogic teaching like the Yoga Sutras. A question often arises: Does one need to be a Hindu to practice such Hindu-based teachings as Yoga and Ayurveda? A complementary question also arises: Is not one already something of a Hindu if one is attracted to them? As the formulation of a universal tradition, everyone must become part of it eventually.

    The question behind this is what is a Hindu? As Hindu or Sanatana Dharma is an open, inclusive and pluralistic tradition, following its Dharma is not a simple matter of holding to a particular belief or thinking that one is saved by embracing a particular savior. Hinduism is not a religion in the Western sense of the word as a dogma, but is a vast culture that includes religion, science and art as well.

    Yet Hinduism does deal with all aspects of religion, with its own monastic orders, temples, and specific disciplines and teachings. Above all, it has its own lineages and transmissions, its teachers, associations and families. These are part of a pursuit of Self-realization for which ordinary religious practices are just the initial step.

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    Much of this discussion depends upon what is meant by Dharma. Dharma arose as a Vedic term meaning the laws of truth, cosmic law or natural law. Dharma is the nature of things and their appropriate action. It is the Dharma of fire to burn, for example.

    It is the spiritual Dharma of human beings to seek a higher consciousness. This higher human Dharma requires practices that free us from outer or unconscious limitations, biases and attachments, which is the basis of true Yoga. Hindu or Sanatana Dharma has several key principles.

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    Perhaps most important on a formal level is acceptance of the Vedas and Upanishads as projecting valid methods of knowing the ultimate truth. Yet Hinduism does not insist upon any one interpretation of the Vedic teachings, which themselves are multifaceted.

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    Individual freedom is allowed in adapting the Vedas as long as the motivation is dharmic. Perhaps the most important theory of Hinduism is a recognition of the process of karma and rebirth as governing the cosmic movement. Perhaps the most important practical principle is that the One Reality, what one could call God, can be approached by many paths, which is Hindu pluralism.

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