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Taureans of this type do not flourish with next to nothing in the bank, and should make sure that security needs are met in order to feel stable and at peace. For other Taureans, life is a mystery to be explored by letting go. This is most common when Scorpio or other transpersonal influences are also strong in the birth chart. The experiences of the body and senses speak more strongly than any attachment to outer form. This type of Taurus is usually more concerned with aesthetic dimensions of experience.

Yet finding selfhood through the material must nonetheless occur. Any apparent rejection of the purely material is still another way of finding a sense of self-worth based upon an emotional response to what is owned. A sense of self is still found inreaction to the physical, but this time through denying the denseness of too strong a focus on physical forms. Yet again care must be taken not to let stubborn or fixed opinions about the material world create a different kind of rut.

Learning to let go of dependence on material resources is a valuable lesson, yet achieving this ideal means doing so without denying the benefits that possessions will bring. The Buddha himselfwas born under this sign, and his life story sheds light on this conundrum through the teaching of non-attachment.

To let go of the material means first understanding the nature of its forms. Ultimately, it may only be at such an elevated spiritual level of existence that Taurus can really transcend the material world. Finding a balance between physical needs and material attachment is the sense of this journey, and forsome taureans this will mean seeking understanding of the physical through nonmaterial means.

This sign is Fixed in quality, which brings the capacity for endurance but also a tendency to resist change. Taurus represents principles of continuity, solidity and form. Taureans tend to cling to what is comfortable and familiar for as long as possible. Accordingly, some Taureans can feel deeply unsettled by change. Time and again they will choose comfort and security over the new and unknown. Over time this can become a distinct disadvantage.

Taurus may have their heads down, happily grazing on the same patch of ground, and so be ignorant to the fact that an opportunity for change has come and already moved on. In this case, other people tend to operate as the catalysts that Taurus needs, bringing necessary change in the form of sudden shocks which force the Taurean to incorporate change. Partners are often required to who can provide the impetus needed to keep Taurus moving.

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Stubbornness, and a certain rigidity about considering other points of view, may need to be examined. Such responses can be rooted in deep seated fears around what allowing change might mean. Another important dimension of this sign is its affinity with creativity, beauty and form. Those born under this sign will often have a pronounced sense of the aesthetic -liking nothing better than using their practical know-how to bring something beautiful into form. For this reason, many Taureans display strong creative skills, and enjoy working at a leisurely pace to make something from available resources at hand.

Sun enters Scorpio

As a Fixed Earth sign, creativity can easily translate into garden, woodwork, floristry or working with stone. Anything tactile, natural and beautiful is a natural Taurean tool. They may excel in embodying beauty and finding practical ways to embellish form. The need to generate material security can just as easily be expressed by pursuing that which brings joy and comfort through the endless bounty of this world.

An appreciation of beauty and comfort can be expressed in many ways, and a powerful way for Taureans to connect with a sense of self is taking time to create something beautiful that can also be used in its turn. As mentioned, this is also a sign of great sensuality, and Taureans will often have a healthy interest in good food, good wine and good sheets. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, the Goddess of Love. Accordingly, the gifts of Venus can be pronounced in this sign.

Many Taureans have powerful sensual and sexual requirements that should ideally be met.


Taking time for these sensual requirements is an important dimension of self-worth. The need for physical comfort and contact should not be underestimated or denied. If you were born with the Sun in Taurus then you are likely to be gifted with a grounded practicality and ability to face life realistically that is both an asset and a source of comfort. In many ways, Taureans exemplify The Children of the Earth — those who pay homage to their natural birth right by honouring the bounty and gifts that Mother Nature brings. Perseverance, constancy and awareness of the beauty in life are the benefits you bestow.

By allowing yourself the pleasure and comfort of experiencing your senses to their fullest, you can share your sense of wonder and delight with all who come your way. Your challenge is to give yourself permission to be stable and sensual, at the same time as remaining open to life-renewing change.

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Let Damian Rocks explain how your chart can describe your life journey and the potential you hold within! What Is A Sun Sign? How Can Astrology Help? Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs. Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive and emotional nature. The finer things. Look for fragrant and gourmet items that will awaken your senses, such as chocolate, perfume, and flowers. These things will nurture your soul, so spare no expense!

Taurus Sign Traits Overview

Be aware of being stubborn or having angry outbursts while the Sun is in Taurus. Make an extra effort to be more flexible now.

Comfort and happiness! Yes, Taurus, you know how to treat yourself. Your patient and devoted nature means you will do whatever it takes to make your relationship work. You are in it to win it, Taurus!

Sun in Taurus in Astrology (Taurus Horoscope personality revealed)

On one hand, you love to spend time partaking in a little rest and relaxation. On the other, the same hard work and dedication you put into your relationships is also funneled into your professional pursuits. Yes, you fully embrace the "work hard, play hard" mentality. Taurus rules the 2nd House of Income, so financial security and material rewards are important to you. Every group of friends has that one person who is even-keeled, never one to get caught up in the drama that life throws our way.

You have excellent taste, Taurus. Nobody knows how to indulge their senses quite like you do! Get your complete birth chart to see how all the planets influence you personally. Uncover the complex and deeper issues around any romance with the insight and advice of this card love Tarot reading.

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