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The Peer Group Process

His talk was informative and showed me that yet again you be completely unique in your approach of using, teaching, and working with astrology. It is a beautiful day and the sun is shining. We start off with Sandra-Leigh Serio speaking to us about astrology and non-verbal cues during a session. She had great enthusiasm and I felt she was very passionate. She made us understand that your professional appearance can have an effect on your client and their comfort.

I believe some people needed to be reminded of this, because it is so easy to be casual when you are seeing clients from your own home. I understood most of it to be common sense, but remembered not everyone has common sense. Her talk was to the point, and I also appreciated her directness. Jacqueline Janes spoke about astrology and psychotherapy. Jacqueline not only is an astrologer she is a certified psychotherapist. What I found interesting is that Jacqueline is able to take insurance.

She is able to do this because of the psychotherapy she offers her clients. Her charisma was most memorable. I feel this is very important and was glad she reminded us to be happy in what we do. Are you happy doing what you do? Bob is a follower of his spiritual master Meher Baba. He talked about being able to see his master in other people, instead of seeing their flaws. He said those flaws are really a reflection of your own, and that by seeing his master in the other person enables him to have love and compassion for them.

He said that Mars in your natal chart is the reason you reincarnate, it is your desire. Saturn in your chart is your karma in this life. Karma is what you must do in order to be released from your karmic bonds. The Moon is your habits, and Jupiter is your consolidated knowledge. Together they give you the larger picture of what your dharma is. Bob helped us see that everyone and everything you come into contact with is karma.

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You must see the lessons in everything you do to advance yourself, and by understanding your karma it gives you the key to your destiny. We met in our specialty groups again. This time it was to finalize or initialize our projects, depending on where you were. Alexandra Karacostas and Laurie Twilight Jetter were working on their career astrologers articles, Arlan was just starting her book, and I was finishing up my blog. There was so much to write about and so little time. It was our last day together and it was a little depressing. We really wished we had about 5 more days to write.

We had been such an inspiration to each other. It was easier to be motivated to write when we were together. I knew that after we went our separate ways we would still keep in touch.

…All Thanks to Y’all.

I have a wonderful support group now, writers alike. We exchanged emails, numbers, and said some last words of encouragement. I owe our group success to Arlan Wise, one of the best group leaders I have ever had the privilege of working with. She was direct, inspiring, and articulate. I hope she continues to have the writing track in the future.

Each group was called up to the stage and everyone was given a chance to say a few words. Some people cried, some laughed, and altogether it was an emotional event.

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This is another reason I feel smaller conferences are much better than the larger ones; it allows us to connect in ways you would be unable to otherwise. This conference is so unique, and I feel it has so much to offer. The groups are so intimate; we open up and really try to help one another further ourselves and our careers. We do it with the most sincere hearts, and this is why I will be going to the next OPA retreat and the next one after that.

How can you miss out on another opportunity to learn from the best? Experiencing the connectedness, the love, and the harmonious relationships was the best part of this conference. Thanks to all who attended for making it so special. Thanks to those who made it happen. Hard aspect of Uranus Pluto and Pluto Saturn.

New Year, New Things

The January Saturn Pluto conjunction and the teens Pluto Uranus square come up often as the dup examines the effects and potential of both. Meredith and Kipp pull up the chart of a couple of astrology skeptics. We know what they say about the stars. What do the stars say about them? Meredith breaks down her first childhood crush Bill Nye. Kipp looks at the verbose Mike Pesca. The duo look at the past years of similar conjunctions.

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Meredith sits down with her client Savannah in the first pod directed to her work with the astrology of dreams and dreaming. In her dream, Savannah receives a compassionate but fiery message about a past life and a potential future incarnation from one of her best friends. Days after Savannah had the dream, she found out that her friend had unexpectedly died the morning of the day the dream occurred. Meredith discovers some puzzling yet fascinating astrological correlations and attempts to interpret all of the symbols.

What does it all mean? If you have any additional ideas or interpretations of Savannah's dream, please email them to thebasementastrologers gmail. Diana Rose Harper is a professional Tarot reader who incorporates astrology into her consultations. In the pod we discuss Diana's recent move from Chicago to rural Vermont. Diana then shares her love of Tarot as well as Tarot's functions as a divinatory practice. Rudolph Steiner the visionary thinker behind Waldorf Schools determined that the initial crystallization stage of childhood development takes place around 7 years old.

Astrologer Giulio Pellegrini connected the dotes of the Saturn cycle and determined that this configures exactly to the native's first Saturn square. Bromley House, a private residence and a one hundred year old cattle farm built on the foundation of an early 18th Century fort, located in the hills south of Ocho Rios. Accommodation, three home cooked meals a day catering to vegetarians and vegans, use of Bromley House, meditation and authentic movement classes and three excursions to secluded beaches around Ocho Rios. Read more. Facilities at the Golden Door include 7 state of the art gyms, 12 private hiking trails across mountains or meadows, 2 swimming pools and a Watsu Water Therapy pool, 2 labyrinths, tennis court, a bathhouse with Jacuzzi, steam-room and sauna, and nine skincare and body care treatment rooms.

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Participants experience the island and its rich culture, in addition to seminars with esteemed astrologers. There are also extra-curricular events, classes, tours, shopping, yoga, and recommended massage facilities, local healers and other alternative health treatments for workshop participants. An optional tour of Borobudur takes place on the 29thth September.

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Joanna has been lived in Nidri since and started her Summer School in A buffet lunch and tea, coffee and soft drinks during class hours. The outdoor classroom features a bar and pool. Transport is provided to and from the villa each day. Take a trip to Tulum in Mexico and become your own astrologer! Optional excursions to Tulum ruins, cenotes swimming caves and taxi rides into downtown Tulum are available but not included in the price.

Email kimberly starsignstyle. Kimberly started Star Sign Style to gather together all things celestial in a honey pot of wonder. She's studied astrology in London and India, specialising in the fashion and beauty of the stars.

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Opa astrology retreat

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