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You have an underlying sense that there are things outstanding and much to get on with, but shoring up your social life is a very good place to start. The full Moon in your sign on the 8th is a definite occasion you can think of as your winter birthday — a date to circle in red. Altogether one of the best times in your whole year for a party, so best to let pleasure be its own therapy. Times of transition can be tiring, but the position you are in now also offers scope for future freedom.

While you may not feel like tripping the light or in the mood for a mad social whirl, you can sit back soberly and appraise your prospects and decide what to do next.

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You have the potential to shape events now and by putting all your energies into the fight, you could prove a great deal, if only to yourself. If it feels like your January is limping to a close, take heart, as an injection of vigour arrives mid-month to sustain and propel you into next year. This is perhaps not unusual for you, but the special space you occupy allows you to achieve long-term lightness.

This present mood proves to be no three-day wonder, so start your imagination spinning now and get a ringside seat to watch it all come true. This is a time to put some distance between you and the downs, looking up and appreciating what you have. Everyone occasionally has hurts and regrets that take a while to recover from, and things that you wished had worked out some other way.

There is no excuse to nurse these knocks, however, with friendly Jupiter going through your sign bringing a glass half-full feeling, and an inner insulation that sustains you even when nothing much outwardly is occurring.

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The only word of warning is to remember to exercise — you can always add inches in the wrong places. Figure out your ascendant with our rising sign calculator. Our horoscope predictions reveal all. Discover the luckiest month for each zodiac sign.

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In you will be determined to work extra hard to realize all your projects. Leo in love looks set to be positive; your relationships will proceed and progress without any great problems.

The Leo Birthday Horoscope | Jessica Adams

Speaking from your heart is important, avoid keeping things to yourself because it will only lead to serious frustration. Life changes will be plentiful according to the Leo horoscope You are a naturally active person and love the idea of being stimulated and challenged by everything that life throws at you. Your bubbly personality will help you impress people and show them what you are made of. With the support of your loved ones, success will never be too far away.

Leo 2019-2020 Astrology AWESOME OPPORTUNITIES

At the end of Leo , work commitments will keep you away from working on your relationship, but the space will eventually help you to fully understand what you really want from love and your partner. At the beginning of you will encounter some tricky obstacles, and someone could even try to sabotage your plans but you will be ready to defend yourself. You could face some uncertainty regarding your career that will last until mid-year.

The doubt and indecision will be down to Mars retrograde, which will provoke delays and will cause you setbacks along your path.

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Leo, hold on tight because at the end of the year all your efforts at work will be rewarded; a promotion is definitely in store for you. Leo, since you want to continue working on the projects you had already begun working on in the past year, is set to be a hectic year full of uncertainty. Your energies will all be focused on work and building up your professional relationships and network. Your pace will be intense in , but be sure to take rest periods; take advantage of your summer vacation to enjoy a relaxing trip, recharge your batteries and you will return in the best shape ever.

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Leo horoscope 12222: The Year Your Life Changes, Leo!

Horoscope all zodiac signs. Leo weekly horoscope reveals all.

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Jeremy shields. These all hit home. Feelings will be turned towards each other until the 13th, then, they will become more secret. In a relationship: Your work and your health, at the heart of your priorities, will make your married life a little easier. Nonetheless, everything in you is passion and you know how to manage several things at the same time. Also, you will be able to show in a very concrete way your attachment to your partner.

Your desire will be strong and your statements just as much. Single: Get ready to meet people. You aspire to love but not with anyone.

Leo 2020 Horoscope

Your dignified, proud nature leads, this month, to quality choices. Until the 14th, you communicate with ease and seduction. Add to this a wildly enthusiastic Mars and you have a whirling adventure! Advice from FREE Horoscope: Several big files are in preparation for you but this month leave them to the side, a little. Live in full harmony, in agreement with your partner or associates, a promising month in recreational joys and contacts.

Your nature is optimistic and cheerful, let yourself go.

monthly horoscope leo january 2020 Monthly horoscope leo january 2020
monthly horoscope leo january 2020 Monthly horoscope leo january 2020
monthly horoscope leo january 2020 Monthly horoscope leo january 2020
monthly horoscope leo january 2020 Monthly horoscope leo january 2020
monthly horoscope leo january 2020 Monthly horoscope leo january 2020
monthly horoscope leo january 2020 Monthly horoscope leo january 2020

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