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Get the point? Take a case in point—without numbers telephone companies would fold in a very short time. In the world of the occult this is known as Numerology, an ancient and accurate science.

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It seems numbers and Numerology have always existed together. In my large collection of books on this subject, authors have given credit to various sources, such as Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, the ancient Chaldeans, the mystic and mysterious Brahmins of India, and the sages of ancient China. The Pythagorean and Chaldean schools of numbers are the most commonly used. Chaldean Numerology is older, but the Pythagorean system of numbers is far more popular. Pythagoras was considered a master mathematician. Born in Greece in the 6th century B. Many people are familiar with his theorems in geometry.

However, he is also considered to be the Father of Modern Numerology. It has been recorded that he spent many years of study in Egypt and other parts of the world learning the ancient science of numbers. He later brought this knowledge back to Greece, where he taught for nearly forty years, and established a college and philosophy of numbers that would bear his name to this very day. It was said that Pythagoras taught in secret. That each student, selected with care, had to go through a five-year period of perfect silence for the purpose of contemplation to develop a deep sense of faith.

Furthermore, his students had to commit his teachings to memory, for it was forbidden to put any of it in writing. This was amazing I gotta get that book. Click on "Watch later" to put videos here. Previous Numerology Number 1 — 1. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email. You may also like. My Numerology Universal Global Number. Numerology Numerology Kerala Astrologer K. Sreevasthav Alathur Palakkad Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Yet Indian treatises on these practical subjects are very advanced and they stand the scrutiny of Modern…. I had a thought today. It seems to me that astrologists are way more accurate with their predictions than meteorologists are with theirs. Just saying. Mercury is going retrograde from April 9 to May 3. Hope you all are doing well! Log in Sign up. Signs "Everyone always thinks". Aries: Everyone always thinks you're a tough strong person who's always independent and never has emotions, but on the inside, all you want is for someone to see that you have feelings too, you're not just a machine.

Taurus: Everyone always thinks you're a shoulder to lean on, slow and lazy, and often the friend that gets left behind. What people don't see is how much you want to know someone is there for you.

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You're tired of being used, and no one wanting you once you do what they want. You want to feel needed, and beautiful. Gemini: Everyone always thinks you're a two-faced monster. What they don't see is how much you love, how open your heart is, if anyone ever dared to come close enough, maybe they would know. Cancer: Everyone always thinks you're a weak crybaby, overwhelmed with emotions. Crying isn't a sign of weakness. You just don't want to be hurt over and over again, and you've been hurt so much, the pain gets to you sometimes. Leo: Everyone always thinks you're self-absorbed, over-confident, and selfish.

But it took you so long to finally be self-confident, to finally love yourself. You started out hating yourself, and maybe you never stopped. Virgo: Everyone always thinks you're a prude; boring, and quiet. But honestly, you know your worth. You know that you don't want to be played with, strung along, toyed with. You can't take it, you'll break into pieces. Libra: Everyone always thinks you've got everything together, your life is perfectly balanced, and would kill for a day as you, but you hide behind a mask.

Every decision you make, you ponder over for hours. Every new person you meet sends chills down your back, however you still seem to pull everything off perfectly. If only people knew how hard it was for you. Scorpio: Everyone always thinks you're mysterious, evil, silent, and brooding. They often perceive you as mean, and detached. You know better than to let people into your heart when you know that when you open up, they'll be the first to leave. You may seem strong, but your heart can't handle that. Sagittarius: Everyone always thinks you're a little too positive; a little too upbeat.

But you've tortured yourself for so long, it takes a little extra help just for you to be able to feel okay again, for you to surface and stop drowning. Capricorn: Everyone always thinks you're a stick in the mud. You actually never want to follow the rules and conform to society, but you know how to get things right. If people took the time to know you, they would know you have feelings and are actually one of the most fun people they'll ever meet.

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Aquarius: Everyone always thinks you're detached, emotionless, and cold. It's never true. Your mind is complex, your thoughts are racing, you know you're different from the norm, and still, all you wanted was to be accepted by everyone else, but you know you never will be. Pisces: Everyone always thinks you're a toy. You're small and innocent and so easy to break. You're fragile, and a little touch could send a hurricane to blast away your heart. You never want to be played with, it feels like a thousand daggers in your heart each time, but you keep trying again to fall in love, to make new relationships, and they break you every time.

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Special Guest: The Legendary Astro-Numerologist Lloyd Strayhorn

His Sagittarian positivity and outlook on life makes him a valued astrologer. His website is: Sagittarian Mind Consulting. Sam F. His website is: Unlock Astrology. I also offer services through my Etsy shop. I remember getting a reading from him years ago and was blown away by his passion and skill.

His website is Lloyd Strayhorn. She offers cosmic customized guidance for those looking for insight into their career path.

Lloyd Strayhorn...How to read a person like a book

Her website is: Ashleigh D. Black and White Paul Rumsey astrologers moon costellation stars. There is an astrologer who knows every asteroid personally, who waits like a vulture for any other astrologer to commit the slightest technical slip of the tongue, who therefore could make the Dalai Lama feel nervous… And there is a wise, kind soul who has just come to the end of this book, which has been her introduction to serious astrology. Both happen to have Mercury coming to the sextile of their natal Plutos this November.

Astrologers Help Please. AStrology Unpopular opinion. Astrologers do not know the Ghayb. Astrologers astroloji ghayb gayb. Why are the stars so far away? They are like beautiful, tiny dreams that can never be reached. Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic stars all Stars astrologers astrologer astrology astronomy astronaut astroworld astrophysics ship cruise deep deep thoughts late night thoughts thoughts heavy on my mind someone help me help me want to be loved loving never let me go never let you go never let me down never letting go never let me fall never let go i love you.

You searched for: mutablesun! Discover the unique items that mutablesun creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sell. Copernicus amplify. Astrologers Psychics. Ask me buddy. I love Astrology as much as I love painting!!

Numbers and You: A Numerology Guide for Everyday Living by Lloyd Strayhorn

Please reblog this it you are into astrology, I want new accounts to follow! You may be spinning on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam, but everyone you know, love, admire, despise or strive to be like is on the same ride. Holiday Mathis is a better writer than Susan Miller bless her heart , just have to put that thought out there.

Astrologers and Astronomers.

Under the Cover

Astronomy astrology astronomers astrologers space Mal's Web Party malswebparty. Aries m. External image. Some two centuries before Christ was born, astrology gained a foothold in Jewish religion, when identification of certain angels with stars and planets came into vogue. Although the tradition was repudiated in Wisdom , it had already become impossible to halt the fascination with astrology. The remains of a Byzantine synagogue floor, unearthed at sixth-century a.

What may have been an example of celestial phenomena being given an astrological interpretation involved the appearance of an unusual star in the heavens. Such occurrences were not entirely unknown in antiquity, and sometimes were taken as pointing to the birth of a famous person, such as Alexander the Great. Thus the Mesopotamian magi Matt , who were most probably professional astrologers, were able to both reassure and alarm Herod by offering him astrological reasons for their journey. The star has been a matter of debate also. The magi spoke of it as a single entity, but some scholars have regarded it as a conjunction of Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn.

Would be astrologers? Astrologers telling book of fate. I could sit all day, and just listen.

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